New Clients

Due to our extensive waiting list and the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria in 2020 and 2021, the waiting list for diagnostic assessments is currently closed and we cannot accept any new referrals for assessments at this time.  

We have a limited number of appointments available for new clients who are requiring counselling services. These appointments would be via telehealth.  To find out more information please contact our Intake Officer, Natasha Eisenmajer, on 8851 3600 or email

The ASD Clinic welcomes new clients, whether for diagnostic assessment of Autism, or counselling services for someone with an established diagnosis of ASD. We do not require new clients to have an assessment or pre-existing diagnosis before seeking counselling with one of our Psychologists.

All new referrals to our clinic will be placed on our waiting list. Our intake officer will contact you by phone or email once you reach the top of the waiting list to offer an appointment with the Psychologist most appropriate for the client's needs. 

Please complete the New Client Referral Form by clicking the link below. This form asks for some general information to help us determine how we can best assist you. It can be completed by the potential client or their parent/carer if a child. You should receive an automatically-generated email confirming that we have received your referral form, and you will be contacted by phone or email once you reach the top of our waiting list.

If you have been a client of one of the Psychologists in the past, please indicate this in the comments/query box.

New Client Referral Form

Counselling Sessions at The ASD Clinic

Counselling sessions provide ongoing support and advice for people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or family members. Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long. Shorter or longer sessions may be possible upon request.

Under some circumstances, with the appropriate referral from a Medical Practitioner such as a GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist, a Medicare rebate may apply for counselling sessions. Please click here for further information.


Diagnostic Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder at The ASD Clinic

The ASD Clinic specialises in Diagnostic Assessments for people of all ages to confirm or exclude the presence of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

A Diagnostic Assessment requires two appointments. The first appointment is for a Cognitive Assessment (IQ or developmental assessment) which takes approximately 90 minutes. During this assessment the Psychologist is looking for a pattern of strengths and weaknesses across several skills using a variety of tests. For children, these tests are presented as games such as puzzle and block games.

The Psychologist will spend some time collating the results of the tests prior to the second appointment which is a two hour Diagnostic Interview. Information obtained at this interview, especially the client's developmental history, contributes to the formulation of a diagnosis. If the client being tested is a child, this appointment is for parents only and childcare elsewhere needs to be arranged by parents for that appointment time. If the client being assessed is an adult they can invite significant others such as their spouse, partner or parent/s to attend this appointment with them.

If the client has previously had a Cognitive Assessment (such as a WISC, WPPSI, or WAIS IQ test), this may be repeated so that the Psychologist can observe how the client responds to the tasks as they are presented to them.

The fee for a Diagnostic Assessment is inclusive of both appointments (Cognitive Assessment and Diagnostic Interview) and a Diagnostic Report. If a Diagnostic Report is required it will usually be available four weeks after the final appointment. Click here for details of our current fee schedules.

For children under 13 years old only, a Medicare rebate for part of the assessment fees is available with the appropriate referral from a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist. For more information have a look at the Fees & Medicare Rebates page on our website.

Solving the Mystery of Social Encouters

Solving the Mystery of Social Encounters

A breakthrough program for children aged between 8 and 12 years that teaches social skills in a fun, engaging group setting.

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Secret Agent Society social skills program

Solving the Mystery of Social Encounters

Please contact reception for information regarding groups running in 2020.

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Dr Richard Eisenmajer PhD presents:

Imagine having Asperger's Syndrome

A First Consultation DVD (length 103 minutes)

Drawing on his clinical experience and popular presentation style, Richard talks about the day to day challenges faced by people with Asperger's Syndrome and suggests a range of support strategies.